Tired of NOT Not Being Able to Target Your Ideal Prospect and Market to Him Using Email Marketing?

How Would You Like Achieve Higher and Guaranteed Click-Through Rates, Increased Traffic and

Conversions to ANY Offer or Special?

FINALLY REVEALED: The ONLY Service That Guarantees You a Minimum of 1.5% CTR With Precision Like Targeting That The CIA Would Love!

We do all the work for you. All you have to do is identify exactly who you are targeting and your offer and leave the rest up to us.

WATCH LIVE This short video to see how we can drill down to get to your ideal prospect

Here’s Just A Few Things You’ll Achieve When You Invest In Inflex Digital's Email Enhanced Targeted Email Service Today…

  • Higher guaranteed click-trough rates. You can easily work out your campaign's success numbers
  • Significantly increased traffic and conversion
  • Improved Analytics through eCampaign Stats. You see exactly who clicked what and what links performed the best
  • Quick turn-around times
  • No Bots Guarantee

Special Pricing During These Difficult Times

Want to See Some Past Results?

The following are some case studies of past results in different industries. Once again, results may vary for your business depending on your offer. That being said, we guarantee that you would receive minimum of 1.5% Click Thru Rate. For example, if you send a campaign out to 50,000 persons (this is our minimum mailing), you may receive a 20% (or 10,000) Open Rate. That is 10,000 persons actually opening your email to read your message. However, of the 50,000 mailing, we GUARANTEE to provide you with a minimum of 1.5% of 50,000 (or 750 persons) actually clicking on your link to your offer. You do the Math. If your offer converts you can do quite well.

NOTE: Our Guarantee is for the Click Thru Rate and NOT the sales. Hope that you understand that.

Finally! You can now know exactly, in advance, the return on your investment

with our Email Enhanced Targeted Email Service.

While others are struggling to know exactly how many persons would click on their email links, we can guarantee that a minimum of 1.5% of the total number of emails sent

would click through to your offer.

For a Limited Time only, we are proving special pricing to assist all businesses in all industries.

We have heard countless stories of email marketing not converting.

That emails are opened but no one click on any of your links.

Perhaps it is the wrong copy. Or the wrong offer.

But why go through this.

We can guarantee that you would get at least 750 clicks on your links in your email offer (if you made a 50K mailing with us). And from those 750 clicks (this is NOT email opens but ACTUAL links clicked), you should get conversions once your offer is attractive enough.


We at Inflex Digital Agency have seen it time and time again.

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